Our Location

at White House Recovery & Detox

White House Recovery and Detox is located in the gorgeous foothills of Los Angeles, near Blum Valley. Our property has easy access and plenty of space if you want to reconnect with nature by going outside for long walks or meditation. At night the sky is a blanket of beautiful, sparkling stars. The rooms include an inspiring view of the mountain range. The picturesque setting, combined with the spa-like treatments we offer, works to lower stress levels and improve the effects of our classes and treatments. Your recovery is our highest priority, and we believe that providing a comfortable and beautiful space helps to instill a sense of calm. 

There are many excellent locations nearby where you can unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Numerous parks, beaches, hiking, and biking trails are all within a short distance of our property. Our facility also includes a lovely gardening area, providing the chance to spend time in nature without venturing far from the house. 

Our Location Includes

Nearby Nature Parks

Our facility is surrounded by pristine natural parks and woodland for your visiting pleasure. A few of the nearby parks include the Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park, Chatsworth Nature Preserve, Chatsworth Oaks Park, Chatsworth Park North, and Chatsworth Park South.

Hiking Trails

There is a beautiful, wide-reaching stretch of nature all around our property where you can walk hike. In addition, there are numerous official hiking trails close to the facility, including the Andora Trailhead, the Rocky Peak Trailhead, and the Apeta Momonga Mission Trail.

Beaches for Surfing and Swimming

Los Angeles is right on the coast, and White House Recovery and Detox is within short driving distance of many beautiful beaches where you can surf and swim. A few of the more popular stretches of beach nearby include Will Rogers State Beach, Venice Beach, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, and Paradise Cove Beach.

Take a Break from the City

Although California may be laid back compared to some other states, it can still be refreshing to get away from the hustle, bustle, and temptations of urban areas. Our residence takes you out of that chaos and places you in a secluded spot where you can work through the steps of recovery at your own pace. We hope to foster a sense of security while still providing access to many local places for you to visit and enjoy the sun in your free time.

We Are Here For You

There are few places as gorgeous as the Los Angeles foothills.

Our residential facility is located on a property set apart from the surrounding neighborhood, which provides a sense of privacy and connection to nature. There are dozens of state parks, beaches, and hiking trails within a few miles of White House Recovery and Detox.

Let yourself enjoy the beautiful sights. For more information about our location and the surrounding area, call us at (800) 510-5393.