Addiction Treatment Simi Valley

Addiction Treatment Simi Valley

Are you in need of Simi Valley rehab? Perhaps you’ve fallen prey to opioid or alcohol addiction, and you want a way out. Well, the addiction treatment in Simi Valley is your best bet at recovering successfully. The White House Recovery & Detox center is here to tell you that there is still hope. This is what we can offer if you choose to undergo addiction treatment here:

  1. Unexcelled medical and psychological evaluations – we want to know exactly at what stage of the addiction you’re at. Do you have any medical issues that keep you from abandoning your addiction? We will take care of everything once you get here. Our Simi Valley addiction treatment is perfect, even for those with dual diagnosis problems.
  2. Intimate and temptation-free recovery environment – any addict needs a safe and private environment where they can recover from addiction. Anyone would tell you that support and the right environment are the top two reasons why people never get rid of addiction. Here, we provide both. We care a lot about our patients and their mental health, which is why we provide support at every step of the way.
  3. Group and individual therapy – through therapy, we get to the core of your addiction, its psychological underpinnings. We set out to resolve all your internal issues that led to the addiction, and this means fully committing to the therapy. We can do both group and one-on-one therapy, and both have their role in all this. Seeing other people going through similar experiences and managing to stay on top will motivate you a lot. Out of all the other Simi Valley, CA, rehab centers, ours is the most modern and beneficial to our clients. We have the best staff working here, with plenty of experience in treating addicts. Our goal here is to make you feel understood, supported, and motivated all the way.
  4. Aftercare treatment – we don’t just let you go out into the world and struggle to reintegrate alone. Instead, we provide constant counseling for when you need someone to listen to you. We also offer you recovery groups or meetings that you can come to in our alcohol and drug rehab centers and listen to other experiences, not unlike your own. You will succeed in doing this, with our help and your willpower!
  5. Top of the line living facilities – from your first step here, you will live in a healthy, welcoming, and modern environment. Our centers in Simi Valley emphasize patient satisfaction and comfort above all else. When trying to overcome addiction, support, and relaxation are key components of the recovery process. You need to feel good where you are right now. That’s what we want to accomplish with our residential living conditions.

At the White House Recovery & Detox center, what we want is for you to undergo a successful transformation. From addiction to complete social reintegration, we will guide you all the way. Our addiction treatment in Simi Valley overlooks nothing from start to finish. Call White House Recovery & Detox to speak with an addiction treatment specialist: 800-510-5393.

Addiction Treatment Simi Valley
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