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Drug Rehab Scottsdale Az

Drug Rehab Scottsdale Az

What's it like at drug rehab in Scottsdale, AZ? Well, that depends on the rehab that you choose. For example, most drug rehabs in Scottsdale are very somber environments to be in. Patients are pushed from one class to another, seldom leaving the patient with time to reflect or do something fun. At Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Center, we want you to have fun because part of recovery is learning how to live and have fun without drugs and enjoying each day of life soberly.

Further, while it is important for each patient to work their own personalized program, we also encourage you to get some rest, do some reflecting, and use our luxurious, amenity-rich drug rehab facilities to rejuvenate yourself. Again, part of recovery involves these things, and most people thoroughly neglect themselves while they're in active addiction. Use your time with us to pamper yourself a little bit and learn to love yourself again.

While most Scottsdale drug rehabs are fast-paced, always making their patients go, go, go, Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Center encourages you to recover at your own pace.

Soul Surgery is an Outside-the-Box Drug Rehab in Scottsdale, AZ

At Soul Surgery Rehab, we do things a little differently because there is a high demand for upscale, luxurious drug rehabs in Scottsdale, AZ. More importantly, many treatment models have been tried by various drug rehabs in the past, and almost all of them have failed to help their patients get sober and stay sober for any meaningful period. Of course, it's only on the rehab's fault when a patient relapses, but when only 22% of all rehab graduates relapse in less than two years after graduating an addiction treatment program, something needs to be changed! That is why we do things different here. So far, we have seen great results.

When a person attends drug rehab in Scottsdale, AZ, they have a lot of choices. At Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Center, they can enjoy many of the same activities that they would at home - activities such as basketball, tennis, swimming, yoga, meditation, and much more.

Staying Small Has its Advantages

There at least two primary ways in which having a smaller rehab center allows us to provide better care for our patients. First, although our facility is large, we take in far fewer people at a time. This means that we are able to focus our time and resources on the individual. We are able to create highly customized drug treatment plans for the patient that may include mental health services, detox, outpatient, sober living options, and more.

The other way that having fewer patients helps is that it allows us to maintain a very high staff-to-patient ratio. Meaning that, for every patient, we have at least five staff members across several disciplines to ensure that the patient always gets the exact care that he or she needs.

Drug Rehab Scottsdale Az
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