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Sober Living Austin

Sober Living Austin

Dealing with substance addiction is a life-altering experience; it can be a one-way road if you decide to refuse the treatment. At Harmony Haus, we have created a high-end sober living in Austin that’s unlike anything the industry has to offer.

How does sober living work?

Sober living is a voluntary, transitional recovery program that functions as a bridge between the rehab treatment and life outside the institution’s walls. It’s clear that the rehab program is life-saving, especially when dealing with aggravated forms of addiction. At the same time, we must acknowledge the gap it creates between the clinical, controlled environment and the outside world.

It is this gap that often causes patients to relapse soon after completing the rehab. That happens because they are not mentally and emotionally prepared to take care of themselves. This is where our sober living program comes in. With more freedom, a welcoming community, and unbending internal regulations, our transitional home represents the next logical step in the recovery process.

Here, we promote personal responsibility, confidence, and positivity as the quintessential qualities of a survivor. We advise you to consider entering our program soon after completing the rehab!

What causes the relapse?

Unfortunately, the relapse is common in almost all cases of substance addiction and what triggers it is psychological in nature. People relapse both during the treatment and after returning home, with the latter scenario being the most prevalent. No matter how proficient the rehab treatment is, you will always risk relapsing if you return to the same social setting that caused your addiction in the first place.

Our sober living in Austin is the answer to all your problems. We know that people are predisposed to relapsing; it’s in the human nature. But we also realize that people who relapse after completing the rehab only show the limitations of the treatment itself. It’s clear that the rehab treatment creates a gap between what you learn during the program and what you experience in your everyday life.

Rehab treatment centers don’t offer transitional recovery stages to accommodate you during transitioning to sober living. We do, and our sober homes have helped countless patients transform into more responsible individuals, with new, well-defined moral values. With our help and your resoluteness, you will never relapse again.

Is sober living necessary?

Yes. The purpose of the rehab treatment is to eliminate the substance from your organism, teach you how to control your cravings, and restore your normal physiological functioning. The sober living program goes beyond that, preparing patients for social reintegration and teaching confidence, responsibility, and self-esteem. It is a program of self-development that will help you define your life in your own terms.

All we’re doing here, at our sober living in Austin, is to allow people to retake control over their lives. You only need to show commitment to the cause and understand that your happiness depends on you and nobody else. Harmony Haus invites you to rediscover yourself in a peaceful and comfortable environment today!

Sober Living Austin
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