Troy's Story

at White House Recovery & Detox

Troy is our program director at White House Recovery and Detox. He believes in the power of the 12-Step program and has been sober for 14 years without relapse. Troy works every day to serve others and bring hope and love into the lives of the people around him. He uses hard-won insights and recovery tools to help lift up others and support them through their journey.

Early History and Substance Abuse

Troy grew up surrounded by powerful women, including aunts and a single mother. Despite the love and support they gave him, the lack of male role models left Troy without the discipline and guidance that a father figure could have provided. Growing up mixed-race in the middle of Boston left him with the underlying sense of not fitting into any social groups. Without the grounding presence of a father figure and lacking social acceptance, he began to search for a way to belong.

Troy started drinking socially at the age of 14 to fit in with classmates and other boys in the neighborhood. Eventually, his drinking stopped being about social acceptance and transitioned into a way to drown out uncomfortable feelings. Alcohol became a means to numb the overwhelming emotions that he was unable to healthily process due to a lack of life skills.

Finding a Reason to Get Help

Troy was always a quick learner, which meant he could spend time partying instead of studying and still get decent grades. He spent his last few years in high school drinking and eventually using other substances like marijuana. Being accepted into college and attending the many parties held on and off-campus was the start of a long downward spiral into various addictions, including mushrooms and other psychedelics, alcohol, cocaine, and eventually methamphetamine.

The overwhelming need to use various substances to fill emotional holes and get rid of unwanted feelings led Troy to hit rock bottom. Troy found himself homeless, jobless and facing the possibility of losing his relationship with his family, all because of addiction. Faced with these hard truths, he reached a turning point and began attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Troy worked to turn his life around, and he found himself identifying strongly with the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. He took these steps seriously and put in the daily effort to get clean and start his journey into sobriety.

Recovery as a Conduit to Change

Ever since he went through rehabilitation, Troy has dedicated himself to serving others by giving them the necessary tools to start their own recovery. Troy shares the 12-Step message with anyone who can benefit from learning the truth. He believes there is no substitute for doing the hard work, staying dedicated to personal recovery, and relying on a higher power to succeed at long-term sobriety. He continues to learn and grow while helping other people who are looking for hope. Troy’s story is a shining example of how sobriety can help you completely turn your life around, from hitting rock bottom to achieving a happy, fulfilling career.

We are here for you

Troy spends his days providing support, hope, and guidance to people at White House Recovery and Detox and in the surrounding community. His story is an inspiration to us all. Troy works hard every day to pass forward the knowledge and experiences that have helped him find happiness. It’s never too late to turn your life around. Reach out for help as soon as possible.