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Welcome to White House Recovery & Drug Rehab Chatsworth

White House Recovery & Detox is a world-class residential rehabilitation center specializing in opioid and alcohol addiction treatment in Chatsworth & Near By Area.

Our Chatsworth Drug Rehab is dedicated to providing effective individualized treatment with practical life goals and usable skill sets that guests may have never been taught or introduced to. It is our policy to provide quality, comprehensive residential substance abuse treatment programs to those high powered and high net worth individuals who demand the absolute finest services, surroundings and amenities.

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Services we provide

Our guests at Chatsworth drug rehab & alcohol rehab center will receive 1-on-1 therapy and counseling as well as group sessions with our qualified staff to determine the root cause of addiction in order to better treat the guest and help them to transition from addiction to recovery and a sober life. Our licensed and experienced staff at SFV drug rehab work with guests in a number of areas including:


As part of our diet/nutrition and physical activity programs Addiction Treatment Simi Valley offer many quality services and amenities to assist our guests in getting in great physical and mental shape. Everything is included in your stay, no up selling or add-ons.

Wellness Therapies

  • Weekly massages
  • Bi-Weekly chiropractor
  • Bi-Weekly beautician Bi-weekly barber
  • weekly yoga practice
  • facials
  • manicures
  • pedicures
  • cosmetic fillers
  • weekly surfing lessons
  • gardening
  • cooking classes
  • CPR training
  • horseback riding
  • hiking
  • Local Amenities
  • weekly meditation
  • weekly meditation

Culinary Experience

Our in-house chef designs our guests a farm to fork seasonal menu changing throughout the year.

We believe in only preparing our meals and snacks with the freshest and finest organic ingredients with no GMO or processed foods. Our Chatsworth drug rehab & alcohol rehab accommodates vegan and vegetarian diets and have plenty of variety for our plant based guests.

Luxury accomodations

  • Contemporary decorated rooms
  • Fireplaces
  • Flat screen TV
  • Lounge areas
  • Workstations
  • Private Designer Bathrooms
  • Fine linens and organic toiletries
  • Newly designed and renovated
  • Spa Services Provided Weekly
  • Hotel style service
  • Mountain views

Business Office:

  • Dedicated phone, fax and laptop
  • Printing services
  • FaceTime and Skype

How we treat At our Alcohol & Drug Rehab Chatsworth Center

Chatsworth addiction treatment orientation is based upon a non-12 step inpatient SFV approach to substance abuse. Our professional & licensed doctors, nurses and counselors tailor an individualized recovery program for each guest. Our 3-pronged approach to treatment includes thorough medical and psychological evaluation upon admission, nutritional counseling and marriage/family therapy.

We specialize in opioid addiction and alcohol treatment in Chatsworth by providing spa like detox and resort style recovery to help guests get to the root of their addiction and begin healing in their recovery. By providing personalized medical, psychiatric and clinical services in the comfort of the home and your luxury room, we aim to make the transition to your recovery as seamless as possible. In Woodland Hills Drug Rehab, our intensive 30-day inpatient residential treatment program serves as the catalyst for you to completely transform your life and gain the tools needed to maintain sobriety after completing treatment. Removed from the stress, triggers, and temptations of everyday life, our serene location in the hills of the Santa Monica mountains serves as the perfect backdrop for you to fully engage in your recovery – mind, body, and soul. Through expert and personalized treatment plans, our residential program will help you draw on your strengths to overcome your addiction.

You're Not Alone

No matter what system of treatment you subscribe to, it is undeniable that the first step to recovery is recognizing you have a problem with addiction and need help.

Many of our staff at our alcohol rehab & drug rehab Chatsworth know first-hand the pain and trauma associated with a life of addiction and substance abuse. You can't be who you really are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The spirit of addiction is powerful and can overtake your life without remorse, leaving you feeling helpless and hopeless. Our addiction treatment Woodland Hills can provide the much needed help, tools and support that are required to break the cycle of addiction. Addiction is a disease and can be treated as such. You weren't designed to have to suffer through life. You deserve to be the best person you can be and to live the life you were destined to live. Our Chatsworth drug rehab & alcohol rehab can help you achieve the life you were always meant to have. Spaces are very limited. Call White House Recovery Treatment Center today at 800-510-5393 for availability!

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