Professional Recording Studio

at White House Recovery & Detox

At White House Recovery we have professional creative music studios that are equipped with everything necessary to produce, edit, finalize, and upload music and videos. Anyone can request to learn about and use this equipment during their time here.


Music changes people’s lives and creates a space for inspiration and healthy expression of emotion. White House Recovery believes in giving clients the tools and resources to find inner strength within themselves, and one way to access that is through music.

At White House Recovery we encourage connecting with the music and exploring how to enjoy music in a sober and healthy way. Not only is it fun but it is therapeutic.

We are here for you

If someone is interested in getting into the music industry or becoming a professional musician, White House Recovery has the tools to help someone start on this career path.

Do not hesitate to reach out for more information. Call us today at  (800) 510-5393.