Our Facility

at White House Recovery & Detox

Our facility has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a gardening area, and studios for art and music production. The rooms and open spaces are designed with comfort in mind, serving as a home away from home where you can relax and take in your various groups, one-on-one classes, and therapies. We planned our facility and residential arrangements with a focus on regular exercise, healthy nutritional meals, access to nature, stress management, and spiritual fulfillment.

Locations Within the Facility

Our property at White House Recovery and Detox comprises multiple areas, including studios and outdoor spaces. 

  • Living Quarters: We have three bedrooms and two bathrooms that provide a comfortable place where you can enjoy your privacy. 
  • Studio: We have professional creative music studios that are equipped with everything necessary to produce, edit, finalize, and upload music and videos. Anyone can request to learn about and use this equipment during their time here.
  • Art Room: Located on the same floor as the studio, our art room includes materials for the creation of various mediums including painting, drawing, and sculpting within a calm, focusing environment. The art room becomes a place for therapy sessions several times a day.
  • Gardening Area: Our facility’s outdoor area includes a beautiful garden. It’s a perfect place to meditate if you’re looking for a nice, quiet space to clear your thoughts. We encourage anyone with a green thumb to try their hand at gardening. The garden is a public area to which everyone has equal access.

Access Within the Facility

Most of the facility is accessible to all residents for the majority of the day. There are a few exceptions, including specific equipment within the more specialized areas that require supervision to use, such as the professional sound or video equipment. Our staff is more than happy to teach anyone interested in using the various tools available in the studios and art room. You can use the garden and outdoor area for exercise and relaxation at any time. For more information on the unique offerings within our facility, you can check out our amenities page. 

There are several places in the facility property that are staff-only spaces and not accessible to clients. Part of your introduction to the facility will involve a tour in which you will learn about the various areas and amenities throughout the White House Recovery and Detox facility.

We are here for you

Our facility is smaller than many residential recovery locations.

We seek to maximize the comfort and home-like feel of our property. Anyone taking part in our programs will have access to multiple creative and therapeutic studios, public spaces, and private areas. White House Recovery and Detox has created a space that reinforces the idea of community to help facilitate treatment and foster long-term personal growth.

For more information, call us at (800) 510-5393.