Kyle's Story

at White House Recovery & Detox

The story of how White House Recovery and Detox came into being is a story of perseverance through adversity. Kyle’s personal experiences growing up in a home with a father who was a functional alcoholic and drug abuser left an indelible imprint on his life. He saw firsthand the long-term effects of substance abuse, giving him a unique insight into the cycles of trauma that are often intertwined with that lifestyle. Because of these experiences, he approaches recovery from the perspective of someone who has seen it from every angle.

While he was preparing to open White House Recovery and Detox, Kyle found himself with the role of caregiver for his father, whose health had steadily declined. Kyle watched as sickness slowly weakened and ultimately claimed his father. Seeing the ultimate toll of addiction in action spurred Kyle to keep moving forward with his plans to build a supportive environment where he could help others avoid such a painful fate. He chose to bring hope to others wherever possible. 

Creating an Opportunity

The best time to make a change is now. Kyle and the staff at White House Recovery and Detox believe in taking charge of your future by doing the hard work to get yourself back on track. There will always be goals to meet; all it takes to build something amazing is finding the fortitude to keep moving forward. Kyle’s mission is to help others find motivation and create a path for long-term sober living through the programs he has established. He is an optimistic realist with a desire to help others through the recovery process.

 Kyle has an intimate knowledge of what is at stake for the many people who come to White House Recovery and Detox looking for encouragement, support, and compassion. He is here to see that every client gets the care that they deserve. Kyle and the dedicated team he has brought together are determined to make the most out of this opportunity to change lives.


Everyone has a history that led them to wherever they are right at this moment.

Kyle is the person responsible for bringing the idea of White House Recovery and Detox to life. He grew up in the shadow of substance abuse and fully understands the dangers it can pose. That is why he has devoted money, energy, and years of his life to seeing this recovery house built.

White House is a space where anyone can come and be seen and heard. Reach out today for more information by calling (800) 510-5393.