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Rehab Centers In Utah

Rehab centers in Utah offer a relaxing and powerful place to recover from addiction. Expert care is needed from detox to therapy. Utah Addiction Centers treats patients with dignity and respect on the path to overcoming an epidemic sweeping the country.

Why should I seek treatment in Utah?

Recovery is not a light matter. More than 20 million Americans suffer from addiction. This includes alcohol, drug, and sex related issues. Another 30 million people suffer from eating disorders.

These problems carry a significant health impact. Drug usage causes breathing problems, the tooth and bone deterioration also related to malnutrition, brain damage, and many life-threatening consequences. The vicious cycle of abuse often results in death.

Even eating disorders pose an enormous health risk. Researchers linked depression and anxiety to anxiety and bulimia. However, only one in five anorexia-related deaths are due to this mental health issue.

Seeking treatment is a crucial first step to maintaining well-being. It is vital to break habits and remove yourself from communities promoting negative behavior. Re-enforcement of behaviors and practices from perceived friends and relatives are among the most significant factors contributing to usage.

Our rehabilitation center sits on the shores of Utah lake in the remote outskirts of Salt Lake City. We offer an escape from the lifestyle trapping many victims of addiction as our experts provide the best possible level of care.

While many need a change of scenery, others have strong and beneficial ties to family and employment. It is a good idea to consult a psychologist to find the most appropriate option for you.

How is addiction treated?

Rehabilitation centers use a combination of detox as well as individual and group therapy to help place you on the road to recovery. Our certified therapists, nurses, and caregivers understand how to deal with the most complex situations.

Environment is everything to ensuring a full recovery. Temptation is powerful and should not be underestimated. A relaxing and peaceful life away from your typical habits is a strong catalyst for long-term health.

Is treatment expensive?

Addiction recovery comes at a cost. Short term care carries a price tag up to $12000 with expenses increasing for longer-term options.

Health insurance offsets many of the costs of recovery. Plans from leading providers such as Aetna help with detox as well as the medications and therapies associated with rehabilitation. This brings the overall cost within reason for many patients.

The hidden costs of addiction are far more expensive. Drugs, joblessness, court and emergency room fees and more add up over time. The pain associated with long term use is particularly crippling.

Rehab centers in Utah allow you to tackle the demons creating a significant burden on your life. Addictions and disorders threaten you and those you care about.

Our experts and comfortable facilities are ready to help. Nestled in the Salt Lake Valley between the state capital and Provo, our recovery center is a powerful resource away from any troubling past. Contact us today to find out more.

Rehab Centers In Utah
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