Overcome Addiction


Our Therapy

Our residents are committing to an extended stay in an quaint residential facility that provides intensive services. These services are focused on a group of people with similar (but not identical) issues and, as such, can provide a close, supportive environment unlike that which might be experienced in an outpatient setting.

Our inpatient treatment program provides a number of unique opportunities for our residents to explore the psychological issues and medical problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

Residents who receive residential treatment receive both traditional and innovative treatment options including the following:

  • Thorough medical and psychological evaluation upon checking in.
  • Medical intervention, in some cases, to address the addiction itself, as well as any other medical or mental health concerns.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for those who are suffering from more than one substance abuse disorder, behavioral addictions, or psychiatric conditions.
  • Private, safe living environment, free of the potential situational and environmental triggers that may have been reinforcing addiction
  • Targeted group and individual therapy.
  • Nutritional counseling.
  • Holistic treatment.
  • Family therapy and skills training to make sure our guests have the most supportive environment possible when he or she leaves treatment.
  • Aftercare treatment options including regular continued counseling and participation in recovery groups and/or meetings.